Common problems with indoor comfort are often linked to energy waste.  Hot and cold spots, drafts, moisture, fumes, airborne allergens, frequent HVAC repairs, and other issues can often be eliminated with simple, cost-effective procedures.  An energy assessment, performed by the licensed specialists from Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating, addresses energy inefficiency in your home or office, and provides the best method of resolution.  We offer convenient appointment times, complete the process quickly and without major disruption, and most often, the results quickly cover your investment.  Through detailed findings and recommendations, Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating can help you achieve your goals for a healthier, more enjoyable living or work space, lowered operational costs, and longer service life from HVAC components.  By tailoring procedures and products to your specific circumstances, we ensure sustainable solutions.  At Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating we improve the everyday life of home and business owners in the entire St. Louis Metro area.

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An Energy Assessment from Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating allows our trained technicians to provide prioritized recommendations for the most effective means of reducing waste and improving indoor conditions.  Over the years, we’ve found that ductwork is often ignored, neglected, and under-appreciated.  While your furnace and air conditioner take turns handling the workload, your duct system is always a major part of the operation.  Studies have identified duct leakage as one of the major causes of energy waste in forced air distribution systems.  Leaking seams in the duct distribution system, poorly fitting joints, failed taped joints, and disconnected boot connections directly impact overall efficiency and cost of operating an HVAC system.

A significant amount of your conditioned air may be steadily lost from faults in the ductwork.  Dirty, unconditioned air may be sucked in through these same leaks and introduced into your breathing air.  Bad smells, moisture issues, high utility bills, frequent HVAC repairs, premature HVAC failure, polluted air quality, and a failure to achieve set temperatures can all be blamed on leaking ductwork.  While ductwork is often concealed in walls and difficult to access, Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating takes advantage of groundbreaking technology to test for, identify, and resolve leaks in even the most challenging locations.  Designed to measure fan flow and the pressure of the forced air HVAC ductwork, testing procedures verify the quality of ductwork installation, estimate the overall efficiency losses, and diagnose air leakage problems.  As the only contractor in the area specializing in Aeroseal Duct sealing, Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating is uniquely qualified to optimize the condition and performance of your HVAC system.

Improve your HVAC system function, energy savings, and comfort with a home assessment from Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating!

Reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system.  Lower impact on the environment and your monthly utility bills.  Enjoy fewer repair and maintenance needs from your heating and cooling equipment, while also extending system life.  Improve the resale value and marketability of your property.  Avoid moisture issues that can lead to mold, mildew, and property damage.  Lessen symptoms of asthma, allergies, and respiratory infections.  Breathe cleaner, healthier air.  Contact Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating and our skilled technicians will identify and rectify threats to your health, comfort, budget, and property.  An Energy Assessment from Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating is the first step toward effective, immediate, and long term results.  We provide the information you need to make smart decisions.  We provide cost-effective strategies and products targeted at your exact requirements and implement them properly.  Speak with a helpful representative of our staff for more information, convenient scheduling, and prompt response.  You can trust us to give the right opinion for your home.

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