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More and more consumers are becoming aware of the impact of indoor air quality on their health, comfort, and even budget.  Recent studies have indicated that the majority of people spend 90% of their time indoors, and indoor air is twice as likely to be polluted as outside air.  As homes and businesses are tightened against energy losses, the same stale air can be trapped inside for days, weeks, or even months, with a long list of contaminants continually recirculated.  For concerns with the quality of your indoor air, contact the specialists from Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating.  As a Rheem Pro Partner, our team is up-to-date with groundbreaking strategies and products to defend against issues with fumes, bacteria, moisture, drafts, allergens, tobacco smoke, and much more.  We offer proven solutions tailored to your specific circumstances, and deliver effective and sustainable improvement to your indoor environment.   Our extensive experience with residential homes and commercial facilities in the entire St. Louis Metro area has led to a customized approach that targets and resolves any type of challenge.

Expert Indoor Air Quality Services and Installations

Our NATE-certified technicians perform a thorough analysis of your indoor space, identifying hidden threats, and supplying a detailed course of action.  We work closely with you to address your concerns, and make available a broad range of state-of-the-art equipment and technology.  Solutions to air quality problems are straight-forward, cost-effective, and provide ongoing benefits.  Breathe easier, experience fewer illnesses, and reduce symptoms of allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections.  Eliminate hot and cold spots and enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable home.  Lessen the workload and maintenance needs of your HVAC system, while also extending service life and cutting back on energy costs.  Manage issues with insufficient or excessive moisture, and prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.  Protect home furnishings and increase the value of your property.  Take advantage of the professional air quality services from Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating, and have confidence your project will be handled promptly, effectively, and to your complete satisfaction.

Find the right indoor air quality solution with the team from Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating!

Anton's Air Conditioning & Heating expertly installs and services a wide selection of proven Indoor Air Quality solutions, including:

Energy Recovery Ventilators – Modern ventilators work to transfer stale air and excess moisture from the indoor space, and quietly and efficiently, bring fresh air in.  It’s better than opening a window because the incoming air is pre-conditioned to minimize the workload of your HVAC system and deliver superior and more consistent comfort.  A ventilator system conserves valuable energy, gets rid of indoor air pollutants, prevents the mixing of outgoing and incoming air, and provides intermittent or continuous operation. With very little required maintenance, these systems are a simple and rewarding solution to stuffy, humid, and contaminated air.

UV Lights – Mold and bacteria find the perfect conditions to flourish on the indoor coil and drain pan of your air conditioner.  Reducing system efficiency, blocking airflow, and quickly becoming airborne to contaminate breathing air, mold, mildew, and algae often require costly chemical cleaning.  With a germicidal UV light, it’s no longer a concern.  UV lamps utilize the same basic principle as the sun to target these contaminants, prevent microbial buildup, and maintain components in peak condition.  UV lights are tucked out of sight, operate silently, preserve optimum airflow, ensure efficiency, and reduce operational costs and maintenance needs.  You’ll breathe easier with effective UV technology destroying contaminants before they are introduced into your indoor air.

Humidifiers – Insufficient humidity can make for a long and unpleasant winter.  Sore throats, dried nasal passages, coughing, chapped lips, and irritated symptoms of psoriasis and eczema are all consequences of overly dry air.  Wood furnishings and molding can crack and split. Low voltage electronics are at risk from static shock.  Consider the simple installation of a steam, fan-powered, or bypass humidifier to infuse necessary moisture into your indoor air.  These systems work in tandem with your furnace or fan coil and are capable of maintaining ideal humidity levels in even large spaces.  With proper moisture levels, you’ll feel warmer at lower temperature settings, trimming heating costs and enjoying healthier skin, hair, and breathing air.

Indoor Air Quality